Udaipur – The jewel of Mewar

My travel to one of the most beautiful cities I have even seen. Udaipur has it’s own with it’s palaces and lakes.

Bike trip to Kaas Plateau

This is my Monsoom Bike Trip to Kaas Plateau in Maharashtra in Sep’16. This is an amazing trip. More details can be found in the link

Why Goa isn’t about beaches anymore?

The first thing that comes that cross our minds when we speak about Goa is beaches. This excerpt is to prove that wrong and show you the other side of the state.

Trek to Vikatgad Fort

Moving from Delhi to Mumbai is a blessing in disguise. And it couldn’t have been at a better time than June just when the city that never sleeps is on the brink of the water explosion.

Hampi: To the Hippie Land

It’s been already one year when I had first visited Hampi and also one year when this blog was started (see Hampi: The Forgotten City). They say “what goes around comes around” and it is completely valid in this case.

Gandikota – The Indian Grand Canyon

I came across this place when my friend had shown me a blog which mentioned “Places you should visit in India before their counterparts abroad”.