Hanle – Hidden gem of Ladakh and home for Indian Astronomical Observatory

A one day trip to a small village called Hanle close to Indo-Tibet Border. It is a home for a 17th century old Monastery called Hanle Gompa. This place is also famous for the Indian Astronomical Observatory stationing one of the largest telescopes in the world.

Did you know? Mahatma Gandhi was a travel writer

It is a lesser known fact that Gandhi was a travel writer way early in his life. Gandhi pursued his higher education in London in law. He has written on his first visit to UK for his fellow Indians who are travelling to UK.

Beauty of Nubra Valley – Greenery of Ladakh!

Nubra Valley is like an oasis in the cold desert of Ladakh. You will find greenery on the way. Also this place is very close to Siachen Glacier. My travel experiences to Nubra Valley is written in this post.

Leh – The Crown of Ladakh

As part of Ladakh Marathon I got the opportunity to visit the beatiful place called Ladakh in India. This is my heartfelt post on Leh city.

Birth of Buddhism – Sarnath

Experiences of my travel to Sarnath. A small town 10 kms away from Varanasi. Sarnath has a very important place in Buddhism as it is said that Buddha gave his first sermon at this very place to his disciples.